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“thanks” to current Bolivian gov, a thousand Bolivians seek refuge in Brazil

El Deber reports on one of the most disgusting characteristics of the coca-grower’s presidency:


Conare reveals that 1,000 Bolivians seek refuge in Brazil

Most of those are related to the Porvenir case. Bolivia gave shelter to 850 people.

2014-06-19 11.13.15 amThe President of Conare Bolivia, César Siles said that in Brazil there are 1,000 applications for Bolivians who are in process (250 already got refuge), while in the national territory, there are 850 refugees, most of them are people from Peru and Colombia.

To date, according to Siles, since the 80s, there were 2,500 applications in Bolivia and approval was given to 850 (that is the number of refugees in the country). Most are Colombians and Peruvians who fled their countries due to  dictatorship and guerrillas issues; there are about 100 Bolivian refugees in other countries and 1,000 applications are being processed in Brazil, most are related to the events of Pando, 2008. “They denounced that after the clashes, they were persecuted.”

Siles declined to comment on the activities of Conare in other countries, when consulted on cases related to Roger Pinto, “even more when is a case under evaluation.”

Furthermore, Siles referred to the case of former prosecutor Marcelo Soza, which is pending to seek refuge in Brazil, and said that if someone in Bolivia had made a statement in media, it would have undermined his request. “If the application has been presented here, we would have considered his statements as negative,” said.


One of the most negative aspects of this government is political persecution. Despite its demagogue and “sweet-talk” this coca grower leader and acolytes have managed to poison all relations within our country. Highlands, versus lowlands, rich vs poor, urban vs rural, mestizo vs indigenous, in sum have destroyed the sense of being Bolivian!