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Unesco sees the Cerro de Potosí is in danger!

El Deber reports:


Unesco sees the Cerro de Potosí is in danger

2014-06-18 09.27.06 amIrina Bokova, Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco, for its acronym in English), is in Bolivia for the annual assessment of the world heritage.

In statements made during her visit to the archaeological complex of Tiwuanaku, said that a group of experts of the institution concluded that it should include Potosí on the list of historic sites in danger, due to the problems of deterioration in the legendary Cerro Rico.

Improvement projects

“This is not to punish local communities, and experts or the governments of Bolivia; is to mobilize more attention, more resources, more efforts at different levels for the protection of this site,” said Bokova from La Paz, a city which she arrived on Monday. [06/16/2014]

The directive, of Bulgarian origin, said that Unesco also has some ideas and hopes they can work together with Bolivian institutions, among other things, train experts in improving the management of this site and in this way to remove it from this list.

The final decision on whether Potosí enters the list of risk will be taken by the World Heritage Center, which is meeting from Monday to Saturday in Doha (Qatar).

Further statements

It is also expected of this meeting the final answer whether to include KCpac Nan (Inca Trail) as world heritage.

Management for this appointment was made ​​some years ago by the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Speaking to the ABI agency, Julio Ballivián, head of the Unit of Archaeology and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that the main reason of Bokova’s visit to the country is to recognize this trail and what is the relationship of communities using and are associated with this route.


Escudo NacionalBolivia is in danger of loosing our most iconic emblem, which is the center piece of our Shield.

It represents who we are since our independence. It is therefore of the utmost priority to relocate those miners and STOP all operations there!