Bolivian presidential original lie… and illegal… and arrogant… and many more BS!

Carlos Cordero Carraffa  writes for El Deber:

The original lie

Carlos CorderoPresident Morales has almost all that power can offer: authority, prestige, economic resources and the things that money can buy. Except for some goods and virtues, both intangible, such as just causes, individual and collective awareness, political timing. Everything else in the market of life is possible with silver coins, with rebates, bonus or a good price.

Just causes are powerful arguments that have the virtue of mobilising up to the indifferent and transform societies and institutions. Some Bolivians, when they were ‘free thinkers’ and ideas circulated as pigeons, painstakingly forged the idea of changing the State to transform society. This simple idea became a just-cause that served to the MAS – when it was not a political party but it was flying ideas and principles like equality and justice to persuade thousands of citizens, then achieved power and the control of the State through the vote in the 2005 elections. Then rolled up their sleeves and putting their hands in the mud of the Constitution and in the workshop of the constituent Assembly, between 2006 and 2008, began to build a new legal text that would materialize the ‘just-cause’: change the law, the State and society. The new constitutional text had a complicated birth as it was tainted by a political sin and little original: the lying and deception. Under the Mephistophelian sentence that the aim pursued is good, and it is therefore sufficient to justify the means used, a confusing text in Oruro was passed and then made more and the new settings in La Paz, in the Parliament of the time, in the midst of a hostile siege of peasant unions, miners and disillusioned middle class with the political parties of that intense time.

Lying and unoriginal deception was the resignation of the then President to the possibility of indefinite re-election, present in the constitutional draft provision and adoption of ambiguous wording in the final text, which empowers all ruling in exercise to opt for immediate re-election, without waiting or let pass a constitutional period, as they established old constitutional texts.

The hoax of the renunciation of the immediate re-election is the means and little original sin, which looks like a goal, a good cause, but that won’t have the forgiveness of the people in the forthcoming elections

Political scientist

So, we were misled not only by the presidential misleading remarks of not running again… but also from those “free-thinkers” most of them who empathized with the coca growers cause and some called socialists who manipulated the Bolivian society. I remember when alternative development efforts in late 80s and early 90s, when Hercules planes were filled with journalists  to see the progress of those new crops in the Chapare. The TV channel of the one journalist who became president of Bolivia, PAT, had their journalists take the free ride to the Chapare and outside the presentation of the program, didn’t attend it and delivered/taped their “own-vision” of what was going on with alternative development vis-a-vis illegal coca growing.

I saw La Paz citizens clapping to the Chapare coca growers when marching as they entered the city, welcoming almost like heroes… I also watched dozens of cocaine recovering addicts in care centers across the country… I watched how public opinion was distorted and ended up in the political party now in power. I watched  the water melon NGOs, green in the outside and red in the inside, with their own agendas, criticizing, preparing the stage to grab money and power… now in government they intend to perpetuate as they saw how manipulable are the voters. Citizens like what happened in Venezuela, were offered bonuses left right and center. People with little knowledge or professional competence were appointed in public office and we see the results now.

So, current [fortunately transient] president’s original lie is far more destructive after all!

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