Current Bolivian gov through the humor lens…

ego El Diario 13 Mar 13This is from El Diario, March 13, 2013:

Presidential crew talking: “…given the negative polls over his re-election.. he decided no to let go his presidential chair!!”

As a good member of the so-called “socialism of the 21st century” and like the Chavez, Ortegas, Kirchners and Correas of the world, current government is spending lots of our tax revenues and embarking in unsolicited/uncontrolled loans fro the sole benefit or perpetuating in government… this HAS TO STOP!

milking El Diario 10 Abr 13This is from El Diario, April 10, 2013:

Current VP in representation of the MAS, milking the cow, that is the national treasury of the nation.

Later on, current P abolished the supreme decree that was awarding diplomatic passports and international and national per diem for the wives and children of the P and VP… Worth remembering that the spouse of the German President declined to use the German Presidential airplane on the official visit to the Vatican, and decided to travel on commercial plane, because of the high price of the ticket, had he accompanied his wife on that flight. They met in Rome and went to salute Pope Francis… and here these “politicians” portray themselves as socialists, and accuse some of us as racist for questioning current P!!! and yet, some people in Bolivia think they should continue to vote for these individuals!!

tourism La Prensa 11 Apr 13This is from La Prensa, April 11, 2013:

The infamous “red ponchos” who are just the uncontrolled hordes of current government, scaring away tourist that come to Bolivia to visit the Sanctuary of Copacabana. During this past Easter, the private sector of Copacabana, mostly informal lost over a million and a half dollars for the road blockade to Copacabana. The request was that three bridges would be built to reach Copacabana… a promise current gov made some years back… and of course another of the demagogue list of unmet offers…

It is highly irrational to engage in blockades of this kind as it seriously damages our country reputation to welcome and host national and international tourism. Again, by the lack of competent skills on the side of the MAS, at the national and departmental level, to solve conflicts of this sort; most conflicts that were generated by the government themselves.

bloqueos El Diario 13 Abr 13This is from El Diario, April 13, 2013:

In lieu of blockages around Copacabana Sanctuary, national and international tourism are scared away.

Finally, current government managed to ease the blockade and promised not three but one bridge through Tiquina, the issue is not over as the new blockaders will more likely be the owners of the pontoon service… again, the inefficiency of current political party in government, plus the anarchy country wide, leads irrational behavior and Bolivia is turning slowly into an Afghanistan and a Somalia of South America. No enforcement to the laws, no respect to individual freedom, political persecution, corruption, narcotraffick and extreme violence are isolating our lives…

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