A Bolivia paper fashion boutique, by Marion Macedo!

Gina Baldivieso writes for Pagina Siete:

Marion Macedo opened her paper fashion boutique

PROJECT: designs have become international gateways, including the 2008 edition of the Hall of Chocolate Tokyo, the Fair of Chocolate from France and the Bienal de Diseño from Madrid.

2013-03-27 09.22.48 amAntique posters, unused photo paper or old newspaper pages come to a new life in the designs of the Bolivian Marion Macedo, she opened a space in La Paz where creativity and environmental awareness meet.

It is the Boutique of Recycling, the store where Macedo exhibits and sells original floral arrangements, jewelry, books and other accessories and decorations made from recycled materials.

Although the shop started work four months ago, the designer explained that she develops, for the last eight years, a project called fashion on paper, which has already filed annual fashion parades with collections of apparel designed and made by her with different types of recycled paper and plastic.

In these parades, there were displays of plastic dresses of different colors; have coats, scarves and skirts woven in paper and even typical costumes of the Bolivian cholas, composite skirts, blouses and blankets made with colorful papers, among others.


Although the paper and plastic are the materials she uses the most, Macedo has also presented other daring models that used plastic cups, cartons for eggs, compact discs and boxes and cans of medications no longer used.

“During these years that we are going with the project, there have been many people who have taken into account the fashion on paper. Our goal was never to have people dress out of paper, but show them designs, creativity, different things… and people to develop ideas for recycling”, said Macedo.

Her designs have become international gateways, including the 2008 edition of the Tokyo Chocolate show, the France Chocolate Fair of that year and the Design Bienal in Madrid during 2010. According to the artist, one of her greatest satisfactions was to be present in France, with a fairy costume made with seeds, leaves and pieces of bark of a cocoa tree.

“I did the cocoa fairy costume and French pop singer modeled it, Anne-Laure Girbal, on the opening night. It was exciting to know that your piece is been displayed in Paris and a singer is using it”, said the designer.

But it was after her participation in Japan when the idea of diversifying the project appeared, because they asked her to do, as well as costumes, to manufacture accessories made with cocoa shell and thus began designing first necklaces that today are part of the collections for sale at her boutique.

2013-03-27 09.22.06 amRecycled on demand

At the beginning of 2011, the interior decorator also began to design and produce flowers of recycled paper “on demand” from customers and family.

Those clients include brides who designed dresses, bouquets, jewelry, accessories for hair and even the decoration for the party room, of course done with recycled material.

“The idea is not to compete with nature. Never a natural flower will be dimmed to a paper, is impossible because the nature is wonderful and natural flowers are irreplaceable. What we offer is an alternative to the concept of recycling,”insisted Macedo.

Little by little the orders increased and the designer, who had her workshop at home, saw the need of having their own space to show and sell their designs, which finally materialized in November 2012.

The Boutique of recycling is located in an old mansion in the south area of La Paz, with old furniture and chests culled from disuse to expose the necklaces, earrings, notepads, notebooks, ornaments and flowers created by the designer.

The cheapest product in the shop is the paper flower, which are sold in $0.86 cents, while the most expensive is a necklace of cocoa that is worth $150.

“Without detracting from the technology, I think that works made by hand, craft, have a plus that is the energy of the person. You will never find one equal to another, even if it occurs within series, there will never be one equal to another,” said Macedo.

The material for the works is obtained through a “small recycling network” formed by people who know the work of Macedo and call her when they have papers for recycling, while cocoa is purchased from a local chocolate factory.

This year the store will diversify its offer and the designer intends to present in September a new version of the “Fashion on paper” parade, but with a more artistic theme (EFE).


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