The Bolivian Philharmonic Orchestra was born in Santa Cruz

Leyla Anas writes for El Deber:

The Bolivian Philharmonic Orchestra was born in Santa Cruz

2013-03-29 09.11.46 amJoins musicians from almost all departments. After a competitive audition, its director Miguel Angel Salazar unveiled the selected performers. It will debut on April 22nd [2013].

A new cultural project is concreted in the country, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, which was founded at the initiative of the violinist and conductor of orchestras Miguel Angel Salazar Hidalgo and the pianist Adriana Inturias, under the seal of the Bravura producer.

The new Orchestra portrays as inclusive in the sense that includes talents from almost all departments of the country, except Pando and Beni, and not just with musicians from their capitals – Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz, El Alto, Tarija and Oruro-, but also provinces like Urubichá and Guarayos and San José de Chiquitos (Santa Cruz), in addition to Cercado (Tarija) and Tatasi (Potosí).

It meets another mission, integrating the participation of already established performers and others, younger of age and time path, but owners of a proven ability and artistic growth expectations.

Salazar Hidalgo admits that the venture, which will debut on stage on April 22 with the interpretation of Vivaldi’s four seasons, was created as a platform for musicians who aspire to an intense work and overcoming dynamics, since they are part of Bravura and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bolivia, in addition to regular seasons, will include a permanent training program at the national and international level.

“We want that musicians who we choose for the Philharmonic, to perfect their performance increasingly more so that when they return to their groups of origin they are better than now,” said the director.

Between the rows of the Philharmonic musicians, some were summoned by invitation and most participated in tests using YouTube. Regularly exercise in casts as the National Symphony Orchestra (La Paz), the Symphony Orchestra of the Bolivian Youth New Men (Santa Cruz), in the Philharmonic of Cochabamba, in the Youth Symphony Orchestra in Urubichá, in the new World Orchestra (El Alto), in the Youth Symphony (Santa Cruz), Symphonic Orchestra of Tarija, the Camerata Anima Eterna from the National Conservatory, the Quartet Mendelson (Cochabamba), and the Eduardo Laredo Youth Orchestra as well as chamber groups.


The Philharmonic of Bolivia, according to the plan of Bravura, will meet in Santa Cruz, its base of operations, on three occasions during 2013.

Its premiere will be held on April 22, at the Cainco Conventions’ Center, with an international virtuoso as guest soloist, Russian violinist Philippe Quint. Tickets will be sold with one week in advance at Cainco. Prices are not yet defined.

The other dates are: On June 23, with the German cellist Leonard Elschenbroich and Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti; and October 22, with Hugo Wolf Quartet (Viena-Austria).

They won a space in the project

Miguel Á. Salazar (29), director

Adriana Inturias (28), harpsichord

Casandra Urquidi (20), violin 1

Jorge Luis Molina (24), violin 1

Juan P. Barrientos (32), violin 1

Simon Aguape (24), violin 1

Ayrton Apaza (18), violin 1

Andrea Alpire (19), violin 1

Ma. Reneé Méndez (25), violin 1

Patrick Carter (15), violin 1

Ma. Cristina Zankis (27), violin 2

Hellmyn Olmos (28), violin 2

Omar Salazar (31), violin 2

Pablo Peña (23), violin 2

Rebeca Villarroel (18), violin 2

Diana Janco (17), violin 2

Ridolfi Bilbao (15), violin 2

Pamela Condori (14), violin 2

José Durán (34), viola

Alexandra López (29), viola

Samuel Maldonado (27), viola

Franz Condori (32), viola

Tania Nina Chávez (23), viola

Loraine Imperio Torrez (14), viola

Miguel Salazar A. (47), cello

Vania García (26), cello

José Miguel Pereira (31), cello

Heber Durán (26), cello

Leny Urquidi (25), double bass

* They are 29 artists


“It will be in this town by its vision for growth”, Miguel Angel Salazar / Director

Santa Cruz under the context of production for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bolivia has its reasons. Its director shares them:

What is the spirit of the new Orchestra? It is the new and unique form to live music intensively, playing with ‘tuta bravura’. Bravery is the heart of music we do, means a constant search for excellence, total delivery practices and scenarios.

Are 29 members a ‘Bolivian selection’? Exact. It’s an accurate analogy. It is a selection that integrates across the country and musical institutions, the most important thing that exist. It brings together related professionals and youngsters of the national music.

Why bet on Santa Cruz as a venue? That the meeting of the Orchestra is in Santa Cruz represents what this city is today: the one with more development, which opens its doors across the country, which aims to be first world class, for its other different vision of growth is the ideal place for pioneers’ challenges.

I wish them success!!!

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