Pathetic current Bolivian government through the humor lens of El Diario

evolitics El Diario 5 Dec 12This is from El Diario December 5, 2012:

As current president approaches the publicity and propaganda “office”, while he is approached by Bolivian poverty.

The amount this government spends on propaganda, marketing their government and promoting their leader’s image is OUTRAGEOUS!!

evolitics El Diario 7 Feb 13This is from El Diario, February 7, 2013:

As current president enjoys partying with Bolivian taxes, the people witnesses two “bombs” placed beneath: the rise in public transport tariffs, and the rise in bread by the bakers’ union.

Both the transport and bread making for the masses could trigger inflation up and generate social unrest in the coming months (March, April, 2013). This shows how little interest current government pays to issues that later backfire on this government. At the end, it is Bolivian society the one who has to endure these political wrongdoings.

ego El Diario 18 Feb 13This is from El Diario, February 18, 2013:

This one reflects how current president’s ego disregards Bolivian heroes.

In Oruro, he managed that the people of his party, in the Department Assembly, issued an order to change the name of the airport.

There is absolutely NO COMPARISON between JUAN MENDOZA and circumstantial Bolivian president…

evolitics El Diario 23 Feb 13This is from El Diario, February 23, 2013:

male: “Evo wants to be nominated again for president!… he doesn’t want to get out!.”

female: “… why would he sacrifice that much, if anyway he can dance, play soccer, being free..!”

In a clear demonstration of what he really does, and he says he is learning to govern!!!???

corrup El Diario 20 Dec 12This is from El Diario, December 20, 2012:

Here, the corruption scandal at governmental levels of corruption that comes slowly to be known…

Both P and VP engaged in “repairing” Bolivia’s prestige.

Current president saying: “…easy!… so it doesn’t get noticed!!”

A clear reflection of what he does… and intends to continue to do if WE allow him  to run for the presidency, again!! which is not only against the existing constitution but also revealed his political lies at the time of getting, rather forcing, the approval of the constitution with the use of violence, in Sucre and then Oruro…

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