Current Bolivian politics: A tale for idiots

Manfredo Kempff describes wonderfully our sorry situation; from El Deber:

A tale for idiots

Manfredo KempffThe presidential intention to prolong indefinitely in power is a fact. “Reproducing the Power”, says MAS lexicon. His Excellency (H.E.) will meet his second term in 2014, unless the Bolivian people are such idiots that we do not know how to add. If we are not mistaken, H.E. will be 9 years in power in 2014, but wants to stay in the Palace until 2020 thresholds. I.e. that would complete 14 years having a blast, because if someone enjoys, traveling is it.

Or in a test for idiots could filling us that that the first period was not served because it exerted when Bolivia was a Republic and is now a plurinational State. The transitional article of the Constitution approved by gun shot between Oruro and Sucre, stays clearly that mandate 2005-2009 will be taken into account “for the purposes of the computation of the new periods of functions”. More clear, water.

What is frightening about all this, is that now the ruling party wants to disregard the transitional article. Then, yes, we Bolivians could think that the intention of H.E. is staying by the centuries, meanwhile, go out by modifying the Constitution and creating the State Plurindigenista, Multicocalero [pluri-indigenous, multi-coca grower] or any other ‘pluri’ or ‘multi’ with the story that his presidential period starts from there.

It is clear that H.E. re-reelection has launched with a view to 2014, unless the Constitutional Court says otherwise, it seems utopian but not impossible. What causes discomfort and anger is that the ruling party has the impertinence to say that, regarding the presidential re-election, misled the opponents, pulled their leg, because the ones in government did not intend to meet their word.

It is so idiotic that better would be to remain silent, because it doesn’t matter that they have deceived some parliamentarians from the opposition, which could be very candid. What matters is that they are pulling our legs, throughout the country. This is a blatant hoax to all Bolivians. Because of a trap to the opponents, and above all the ruling party praises and brags about, will the Constitution be violated? Because an opponent has been unsuspecting, the whole institutionality will have to pay/suffer for ? Because of a little “altoperuana” [term used since the beginning of our nation to illustrate the behavior of politicians in the high-Peru, name of what is now know as Bolivia] tramp, H.E. is going to be governing badly for five years more?

We must shut off that adventure and denounced to the four winds. We must get sand to the electoral MAS machinery to destroy it. And that begins through the engine


Bolivian citizens must stop this nonsense, it is a real shame to see that a large majority of Bolivian citizens, due to their lack of information, knowledge and tendency to support “one of their own”, are simply destroying our future. Somalia and Afghanistan are sorry examples of what is yet to come in the near future, had we have NO pride on ourselves!!!

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