At last, some good news for the TIPNIS

From the Facebook account of Jacqueline Patino [Patiño]:

2013-02-06 12.03.23 pm#TIPNIS good news: Finally some light! They have admitted the popular demand. Read what was decided by the Constitutional Court.

The Committee of admission of the Tribunal constitutional plurinational [Plurinational Constitutional Court], resolved:

1 Revoke the resolution 59/2012 dated October 8, as registered on “folios” fs. 54-55, pronounced by the Departmental Court, Second Criminal Chamber of the Justice of La Paz. (which reject the demand for popular action)

2 Provide that the departmental Court of Justice of La Paz. give the guarantees and support POPULAR action, and previous procedures of rigor in public hearing of consideration as determined, that applied in law is granting or denying custody.

They are good news brothers, admitted the POPULAR action, the audience is to be designated by the Court of Justice in La Paz, that TIPNIS are all of us, is our obligation to defend it!


Below, three “old” cartoons regarding the TIPNIS struggle:

tipnis Los Tiempos 20 Dec 12This is from Los Tiempos, December 20, 2012:

Newspaper: 30 of 36 communities reject the road through the TIPNIS.

Avernoy: “and is certified by the Catholic Church and the Human Rights Permanent Assembly, mate.”

Person: “just the two entities less credible; only missing the press and the independent observers!”

Dog: “what is wrong with you Avernoy? don’t you trust the official report?”

tipnis El Diario 24 Dec 12This is from El Diario, December 24, 2012:

Reporter: “don’t you think, perhaps, to take gifts to the “TIPNIS” latecomers…?”

Current P: “No! I’m getting ready to deliver the “Pardon Law”. It is more urgent..!”

tipnis justice La Razon 24 Dec 12This is from La Razon, December 24, 2012:

Here, current President, in a Santa Claus outfit, riding now a sleigh but a totora [plant that grows in Titicaca lake] made boat, running over Justice and the TIPNIS forest.

So, the TIPNIS saga continues…

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