Bolivia is blocked!!

An interesting and opportune analysis by Humberto Vacaflor, from El Deber:

We are blocked

Brazil and Chile have tightened border controls to prevent the entry of the Bolivian drug in their territories.

This has led to a drowning in the narco-industrial complex that has arisen in the area of influence of Chapare.

The mafias that carry the product are not asleep. At least to bring the product to Brazil, the flow has been directed towards Paraguay, judging by the loads that have been seized at the border with that country. A longer lap that, surely, is reflected in the final price or, at least, in the price of the ‘delivery’ at the border.

As for the loads that go towards Chile, are captured by a few very jealous police in that country, more jealous since bilateral relations have soured.

In reality, controls on the border with Brazil also match the cooling of bilateral relations, which leads to suspect that, at times, applies the ‘narco-geopolitics’. The criterion would be “by where you sin, you pay”.

For internal purposes, the complex of Chapare is suffering a suffocation. And that, as it is known, tends to produce political shocks that arrive to put democracy at risk.

It is, as it is becoming very clear, the most vigorous economic activity  in country, able to cause the illusion of these days.

Legal activities are not passing it better. If exports from the narco-industrial complex of Chapare are stopped, or diminished at the border, legal exports are being stopped by provisions of the Government.

That is, neighbors hinder the departure of illegal exports and the national Government slows the output of legal exports.

The Government says that it is the domestic market that is growing and, therefore, the vigorous figures for these days. Referring, apparently, to the consumption of legal products. But also this phenomenon is occurring with other products.

Something we had to have been warned is that the fate of the country would be to be blocked. There was evidence to suspect it.

Lets not forget that the relations with Brazil are also being hampered by the Senator Roger Pinto’s denial for a safe-conduct, since May 2012… and Veja’s magazine article about the “cocaine republic”…

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