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How is Bolivia regarded as, internationally? …

It is undeniable, the efforts of current Bolivian government to display how ‘good’ they are; they have created an incredible network which advertises current ‘achievements’, expensive effort for the future re-election campaign of current president… however, the world begins to notice that those may be jus smoking mirrors…

The following paragraphs came from a major opinion leader’s article, which describe us… sad but true:

From Andres Oppenheimer, The Miami Herald:

Romney’s one good point: Latin America

•  Latin America is one of the world’s few areas that is growing. Between 2003 and 2010, the average income in the region has grown by 30 percent, and 73 million people have been lifted out of poverty, according to World Bank figures. These are millions of potential new consumers of U.S.-made goods.

•  Several countries, most notably Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil have broken away from Latin America’s tradition of political and economic instability, and are increasingly seen as “serious” countries by international investors. While populist-ruled countries that are destroying most of their industries as they become one-product commodity exporters such as Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia make a lot of noise, they amount to only 14 percent of the region’s economy.

The world has begun to notice… undeniably!!