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In Bolivia, services will be cut if unpaid over 30 days…

This is important news for Bolivians who send remittances back home: phone, cable and internet services will be cut if unpaid within 30 days. Aline Quispe reports for La Razon:

Standard provides payment limit of invoices for services in 30 days

Communications. Once that deadline ends, service will be cut

A Norm states the “limit” of the date for the payment of telephone landline, cell, Tv services cable and internet, it is 30 days after the issuance of the invoice for payment. Once the deadline, operators will proceed to cut the service.

Article 157 of the General Regulation of the General Law of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication, approved on October 24, 2012, says “as a final date for payment of any telecommunications service for 30 calendar days from the date of provision of the Bills in collection points”.

The legislation orders that concluded that deadline, will be cutting service for nonpayment. Manager general of the cooperative phone service in La Paz (Cotel), Victor Estrada, reported yesterday to La Razon, that the company will apply the standard issued by the Executive [government].

Said Cotel performs an analysis on the broadcast Norm and the new mode of payment that will be applied by the services they offer, which will be broadcasted by the media and Cotel Tv. To do this, said that the phone company will emit an internal regulation.

The Executive explained that at present the maximum period of payment for the services of fixed telephone service, Cotel Tv and internet is two months and then performs the power outage, prior notification to the user. “We are flexible on the deadline of payment for our services, but with the new standard, they will need to cut the completed service in 30 days.”

In that context, he indicated that he would ask the authority of regulation and control of telecommunications and transport (ATT) to issue “a resolution” so that Cotel keeps current payment term for its users. “Now, if ATT do not allow us to do so, we must conform to the standard”. La Razon sent questionnaires to the telephone companies: Entel, Viva and Tigo to know their opinion on the subject, but until the closure of this edition requests were not answered.

The provision indicates that once the user cancels the amount owed by the service, the telecommunications company will rehabilitate the “restricted or cut” service within 24 hours or the date agreed “through settlement between parties for the payment of the debt”. Estrada said that now the rehabilitation by the fixed telephony service is Bs 9, television by cable Bs 35 and the $ 10 internet connection.

More data on the disposition


Standard points out that if the operator considers that there are “sufficient signs of fraud or illegal connections, may proceed immediately with cutting of the service”.


The provision indicates that “telecommunications providers may refer to others of the same service, the list of users who have their services cut, because of debt by at least three straight months, for informational purposes”.


So, make adjustments and avoid being cut!

UPDATE: November 3, 2012: In the following link, government official say that cut of services is not mandatory and provider may exert some leeway… in the Latin American context, a famous comedian was Cantiflas and the word “cantinfleada” means how confusing, ridiculous and twisted can get something. In this case, if there is no enforcement, then why in H… did they do that in the first place?? maybe only in Bolivia… ‘cantinfladas’ of this sort happen.