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Nationwide, Bolivian public servants need to do a BETTER job!!!

We say we are a poor country, that we need lots of infrastructure of all sorts… etc. However, there is a simple thing that ALL current politicians must do: a better job!! for heaven’s sake!

Pagina Siete reports:

The Government already submitted the 2012 PGE [General State’s Budget] to the Legislative

45% budget execution of ministries and regions

LOW: an analyst considered that this low level of expenditure is recurrent and year that passes the situation is critical.

20 Ministries, capital municipalities and the governorates have an execution of their budgets by an average of 45%, according to the integrated system of management and administrative modernization (SIGMA) of the Ministry of economy and finance.

The Vice President of the State and the 20 ministries executed by November 5, [just] 53% of their 2012 budgets.

The municipal governments of the nine capital cities and El Alto invested 41.6% and 40.8% the [nine] governorates.

Analyst Diego Cuadros believes that the low level of budgetary implementation is recurrent and year that passes, that percentage decreases, rather than increase it. This situation may be, he said, for fear of the anti-corruption Law “Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz”, barriers in the biddings or the lack of efficiency in local government.

“This occurs frequently and between November and December is when expenditures are done madly, they do whatever, so this lack of execution does not persist,” he explained.

Analyst Julio Linares coincided in pointing out that the bureaucracy and the lack of capacity of municipalities and governorates prevent investment to be expedite.

2013 Financial Law

The Executive already submitted to the Legislative Assembly the draft of the 2013 State General Budget. Congressman Marcelo Elío (MAS) explained that the proposal provides for a greater public investment, which this year was around $3.2 billion, and projected a strong impetus to the industrialization of natural resources. The State General Budget for 2012 is Bs145,943 million ($1,244 million dollars), higher by 22% in relation to the year 2011 and nearly four times more with respect to the 2005 approved budget (51,257 millions of Bolivians). [paper can take this and more, the reality is that current politicians are not doing their job]

Elio said that “by logic” the goal of economic expansion will be greater next year.

The Government estimates closing this year with a growth of 5.52% in the gross domestic product (GDP).