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Interesting Bolivian fried potatoes!

An interesting private venture which allows us to be more competitive!! Kudos to Nativa!!

Nativa, Bolivian chips that aim to revolutionize the market

NATIVA is the name of the Bolivian fried potato which was recently released by Proinpa and Pa & Pa firms.

Nativa [native] is the name of the Bolivian fried potato which was recently launched by the firms Proinpa and Pa&Pa.

This new product initially points to the local market and, in the future, seeks to conquer foreign markets. It is made with potatoes produced in Colomi, Department of Cochabamba, and other production areas.

Using different varieties of potatoes, including the candleholder, painted mouth, yana q ‘oyllu and puka q’ oyllu. This allows giving the public “a mix” of native tubers containing good elements for health.

The product has different presentations of various colors and shapes. An innovation is that these potato chips, do not remove the shell [skin], since it seeks to preserve all the nutritional benefits.

These potatoes contain natural pigments with antioxidant properties and high content of fiber and vitamin C, as well as minerals such as potassium and to a lesser extent also zinc, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

As part of the strategy, in a first stage the brand will be introduced to the Bolivian market so that people recognize and can identify with it, to be a Bolivian product.

The second phase is to export to markets such as Europe, United States and Canada.

In the first phase of the project, is estimated to use around 90,000 kilograms per year of native potato.

Another challenge is to introduce the flavor in the Bolivian consumer taste. It is hoped a good reception from the population.

In the second phase is expected the amount of raw material to rise significantly from the markets that are aimed at. This will result in benefits for a larger number of producers of the tuber and areas where it is harvested.

In addition, the company will invest in promotion with the purpose of a habit of consumption that can be generated and people can get to know the taste of the new product.

Within the projections, they are expected to export to markets in Europe and North America. These markets are a very important objective because of the value they give to products with the characteristics of Nativa.