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Status and necessity of a Bolivia – Iran relationship?

What is going on with the international relations that current Bolivian government holds? An interesting question arises, HoyBolivia.com reports:

Senator calls for Evo Morales to explain alliance with Iran

Opposition Pando Senator, Carmen Gonzáles Lafuente, asked the Government of Evo Morales explanations about what is the type of the relationship and what agreements have been signed with the Government of Iran.

The “New best friend”of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is nothing more nor nothing less than the dictator of Iran” explained the anti-Communist parliamentary who also addressed a letter to the Parliament of Israel (Knesset) explaining the dangers of the Alliance with the theocracy of Iran.

Iran is a theocracy fundamentalist country that abuses its own citizens, and as you can see evident in the international press, it is frequent that the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), the Iranian League for the defense of human rights (LDDHI) and the winner of the award of the Nobel peace, Shirin Ebadi complained at the international level and expressed concern about the current situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Violence against women, deprived rights of study and others set to Iran as an outlaw state that treats badly their own citizens and now wants to export that perverse ideology to countries as Bolivia, sufficient broth that germinates a neo-totalitarism-comunist of ethnic cut” said Carmen Gonzáles Lafuente which is the only Bolivian Senator who is denouncing at the international level, the meddling of Iran in Bolivia and Latin America.

“Women are the principal discriminated against and accused in Iran and surely Evo Morales should want the same thing here in Bolivia” she explained.

Young Neda Agha-Soltan is symbol of the struggle against the theocratic regime in Iran. As summarized the international press that girl was murdered for protesting against the Iranian regime that is headed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who came to Bolivia and met with Evo Morales on several occasions. The internet is full of videos and information about Neda.

“Remains to be seen the type of agreements signed by Evo Morales with that country and Bolivians do not know the scope of the same,” said Pando Senator.

Several international journalists have been expelled from Iran and have been forbidden to disseminate information on the country. Iran has blocked websites and telephone lines preventing youth is in contact with the modern world.

“I had to go to the Parliament of Israel to denounce the infamous meddling of the dictator of Iran to Latin America sponsored by Evo Morales”, said.

The internet shows that Iran authorities closed the Center for defenders of human rights (DHRC), the Organization of the FIDH in Iran in December 2008. This center remains disabled to act freely. One of the activities of the DHRC consisted of controlling the conformity of laws and electoral practices within the framework of international human rights and the Iranian Constitution and national legislation.

Several reports indicate that a number of civilians disarmed have been murdered during peaceful demonstrations and a large number of defenders of human rights, journalists, political opponents and intellectuals were arrested or persecuted.

NGOs and civil society, independent of Iran and foreign media are being actively suppressed to prevent research and information activities.

The Senator Carmen Gonzáles Lafuente said that the issue of disrespect to women is infamous. “They do not allow women do their activities normally”

“I could continue elaborating on the allegations supported by the international press, but the message is clear: will we allow Bolivian women that a grim theocratic regime like that of Iran have friendly relationship with Bolivia?” Will the Bolivian women be treated like in Iran? Evo Morales and his authoritarian regime of Communist and ethnic Court wants in Bolivia a system similar to the Iran” concluded Pando Senator and former constituent Assemblywoman of Bolivia.


Bolivia must not take lightly who we need to have relationships with. Currently I see no better way to drive away any international private financing. An old saying comes to mind: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.