Could the relations between the central gov and the private sector improve? I certainly hope so!

The following Los Tiempos editorial brings some hope to our ability to generate jobs and provide legal employment to Bolivian citizens:


The surprise visit made by the President and VP of the State, accompanied by the Ministers of economy, productive development and communication to the facilities of the Confederation of private Bolivia entrepreneurs (CEPBphoto is from its website) to meet with the leaders of this Guild and explain the Presidential proposal by 2025 [included] in the message of August 6, has also served to establish the commitment to develop and shape joint future investment and banking laws.

If we add the efforts made by the Vice President in Santa Cruz with the agricultural Chamber of the East [CAO], it is possible to hope for a dialogue between the Government and the private sector to consolidate, which will benefit the country.

So the leaders of various entrepreneurial sectors that understood it, it is fair to acknowledge, they have tried to arrange, without much success, this type of approach for quite some time, particularly in regions where there are so many needs that joint efforts between the State and private not only responds to a rational logic that allows that both poles benefit, but, even in the sense of survival.

However, what has taken precedence in the past is the mistrust. On the one hand, by the excessive ideologization and polarization of this relationship, which hinders any approach beyond the indispensable Protocol. Thus perceptions – have been created when not by prejudice – why from both poles is that they stigmatize each other, not as likely adversaries, but as enemies.

In addition, [there has] not been few opportunities in which the causes of negligible convergent processes were broken. An example is what happened earlier this year when the conclusion of a Summit convened by the MAS and the Government, actively involving business representatives, it was decided to create an Economic-social Council with the participation of representatives of the Government, workers and employers, with the purpose of elaborating proposals for economic and social policies. However, despite some isolated efforts to develop legal instruments that enable its operation and the reluctance of workers, the Government chose to put the idea to rest.

Since then, there were no new institutional approaches, but encounters taking advantage of events such as business fairs, usually at the regional level. Hence, the meeting discussed here can become a milestone from which future proposals could be addressed with greater openness and vision for mutual benefit, even more so if the President of the State has ratified his Government respects private property and defends the investment in this sector, as well as ensures legal certainty, three business demands that are repeatedly presented because, beyond the rhetoric, there are political decisions that constantly violate them.

Therefore, it is fundamental to create opportunities showing confidence, for both partners, their political will to comply with what is agreed in this context. If that is the purpose, the presidential visit to the CEPB open, therefore, new and promising horizons.

Current political party in power, over the last seven years, have generated mistrust among Bolivian society, they say one thing and do another. In this particular case, I hope, I trust that current government begins to come to its senses and let the private sector do what they are supposed to do: generate income, employment and future revenue taxes.

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