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Bolivia: Internal and external conflicts are raging

On the day that we celebrate our independence, I chose this article from Los Tiempos, to remind us that only 3% of our 187 independent years have found us under this shocking and stressing lifestyle… but nonetheless have damaged the core of our nationality, the inner soul of our co-existence…

Internal and external conflicts are raging

Over the past months, the Government received blows from various flanks. To the cry of “We have No fear of hell”, Bolivia rank-and-file police officers took to the streets demanding better pay and less draconian laws to internal processes in the country. Also in attitude of rebellion to the Government measures, the inhabitants of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS), amid accusations and campaigns of vilification towards their leaders from the Government, consolidated the IX March in defense of what they see as their “home”.

Added to these problems are clashes between sectors of the cooperative miners and those who still rely on State administration, where the Government had to make decisions.

Regional trouble, deadlock, uncertainties and contradictions in relations with neighboring countries; in addition to processes against opposition and other conflicts today mark the intense agenda of government administration.

Six months of the second year of the Evo Morales government mandate, the social unrest in the country has become intense and this 189 anniversary finds Bolivia in the middle of a gale of conflicts.

For the sociologist Maria Teresa Zegada, “this type of conflicts are more or less manageable, depending on their size, in any democratic Government;” they are substantial to society, they are always there, and their solution depends on the handling that makes the Government with different sectors; “or depending on, according to the case, if they can be postponed.”

In the meantime, on the processes that the Government carried out against opponents, many analysts conclude that the situation is too obvious to conclude that the Government makes use of Justice to override their rivals.

And international relations, the former Bolivian Foreign Affairs Minister, Javier Murillo de la Rocha believes that they are in the lowest level of political dialogue and cooperation.

“Having conflicts with the largest countries in the continent is a bad political calculation and a poor observation of reality in a globalized world,” he said.

Finally, the nationalization or expropriation of 16 strategic enterprises, implemented by the Government of Evo Morales in six years in Office, “is not feasible”, “it is inconvenient” and is a “negative”, according to the assessment of economic analysts: Bernardo Prado, Alvaro Rios and Julio Gaston Alvarado.


Depressing and transient reality… lets improve, lets aim to the 2014 elections!!