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Bolivian president derogatory remarks against the people of the Bolivian lowlands

Freddy Lacio reports for El Deber:

Process announced against Morales for racism towards the East

Members of the Congress do not want the President in September celebrations

The words of President Evo Morales, who said that if hunger is passed in the Bolivian eastern part is attributed to laziness, in a public ceremony, was felt ‘annoying’ by Santa Cruz legislators, who announced a process against the President for discrimination and racism.

The President of the Santa Cruz parliamentary Brigade, Moses Salces, warned if the President does not issue prompt public apologies to the people of the Bolivian East, they will report the case to justice.

“Evo Morales demonstrates once more that he hates the crucians and people in the East of the country.” If he rises at 5 am to work with a budget four times larger than the previous efforts, but the country remains the same… who is the lazy one? “, questioned the legislator, who also asked local authorities to not invite the dignitary to none of the events organized by September 24 and the Santa Cruz civic anniversary.”

In turn, the civic President, Herland Vaca Díez, said that he will not attend any of the acts which would be attended by the president because ‘it doesn’t feel alright’. “In the event that he is, I am not going to be.” “People who are bad I prefer to avoid them”, said.

On the other hand, Governor’s Interior Secretary General, Roly Aguilera, agreed that the President should apologize for the offense made against people who lives, works and produces in the East of the country.

From La Paz, the Minister of communication, Amanda Davila, attributed the statement by Morales to a “permanent information distortion in which incurred” the ANF, which released the news with the headline that Evo says that if you are hungry in the East is for laziness.

On the other hand, the Minister of production and Rural Development, Nemesia Achacollo, ruled out that the President will apologize because he did not act with malice and was misinterpreted, said.


«Highlands is different (…), but in the East not.» «(There) we can only suffer hunger out of lazyness»

Evo Morales | President of Bolivia

«Morales proves once more that he hates the crucians and people in the East of the country»

Moses Salces | A crucian member of the Congress

«In the Act in which he (Evo) is, I’m not going to be.» «People who are bad I prefer to avoid them»

Herland Vaca Diez | Civic


This cartoon is from El Dia, August 17, 2012:

Shows the anti-racism Law ‘threatening’ current president for his derogatory remarks to the lowlands people of the East, while says: “thank goodness that the racism law does not protect the lazy crucians”

Current government uses the “racism, discrimination” allegations very lightly and only when they serve to null the opposition, will see how they handle this now… so far, as the MAS controls the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Electoral they do as they please… we have to put a halt into this bad politics style and ask for them to govern for all, to create the conditions for investment and private entrepreneurial sustainable production.

It is amazing to see how current government officials tend to ‘explain’ or re-interpret the words of the president. They blame the reputable news agency ANF, while Bolivia saw those presidential’s remarks in the government official TV channel…

Regarding being labeled as lazy, the eastern inhabitants of Bolivia, do produce 70% of the food that is consumed in Bolivia; contributes more tax revenues than the other regions of Bolivia, and we are called lazy…