Current Bolivian government is wrong!!

Jose Gramunt de Moragas has written for many years a weekly column “¿Es o no es verdad?” [is it true or is not?], which is also broadcasted in radio Fides from La Paz; over the years this Jesuit priest has proven his intelligence, clarity and above all professionalism; he is one of the best and most reputable journalists of all times in Bolivia.

This time Jose Gramunt de Moragas writes on behalf of ANF, Pagina Siete and El Diario.

From La Razon:

Once again the Government is wrong

If the Government does not see nor listen to the advice that gives you common sense, you risk being wrong further

I no longer wanted to continue with the ungrateful anger of the Government against the Fides news agency. Firstly, because noblesse oblige. I want to say that I am indebted to the many (both in the country and abroad) that are supporting us. After complying with this obligation, I must return to the sand of the Roman circus that now forces us to fight the Government. And not only to the Fides News Agency [ANF], but also to national newspapers, El Diario and Pagina Siete.

We are accused as racist. Once again I firmly refuse to deserve this adjective that pretends to be a figure of criminal offense. The truth is that this is one case of criminalization to the independent press. The Government has been chopped by the mosquito of the criminalization. For long time it [gov] has criminalized the political opposition. It criminalized the election results when the ballots favored the non-conforming. It dismissed Governors elected by the sovereign people. It pursued them to the disobedient, crucified them with unfair criminal trials, got them into jail without legal trial or sentence, forced them to seek asylum in other countries or in their embassies, and on top of the above, denied the due safe-conduct.

Again, the Government is wrong. It is blind and deaf, but not silent. And if they [gov] don’t see or listen the good advice which every day gives common sense, expressed through the independent press, risks [the gov] of being wrong more and more. Only complains and threats. From where does it take, the Government, that journalists and directors of the aforementioned media are discriminatory and racist? It invents. What does it intended? To frighten us, silence us, burying us under Earth for centuries ever, amen? Because the shot is firing back at the gov. The independent press will defend their rights enshrined in the political Constitution of the State.

In effect, article 106 of the Constitution provides that “the State guarantees to the Bolivian females and the Bolivian male people the right to freedom of expression, opinion and information, rectification and the right of replica to broadcast freely [our] ideas, by any means of communication without prior censorship”.

So, still think that the Government is still on time to rectify the twisted path that went in the last two weeks. It is essential to step down from the platform and down to the plain. Ensure the problems of the people and do not intend to impose uniformity of consciences, the single thought, through the criminalization of freedom of opinion. Preoccupy itself [the gov] with the Pachamama [mother earth], the fight against drug trafficking, of legal certainty, investment, social peace. And let the independent press to fulfill its mission with freedom and responsibility. Not intend to confiscate the individual wills to the will of the boss and the service of his hegemonic group.

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