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Astonishing presidential declarations over Jindal’s awarded contract!

Bolivian president has issued an statement that reflects the way Bolivia is handling its economic policies. Is it demagogue? lack of know-how? I don’t know but one thing is certain, social sectors’ pressures are turning our economic policies non-viable.

From the website of hoybolivia.com, La Razon article:

Evo reveals that contract signed with Jindal was made under social pressure

08/10/2012 – 07:08:06

La Razon – President Evo Morales revealed the Government signed the contract of venture with Jindal for the industrialization of the Mutún “under pressure” from “some sectors of society” and “the region”. He noted that the firm misled the State.

“Sometimes under pressure by some social sectors, under pressure from the region make us sign a contract and I want to tell the truth before the Bolivian people: I didn’t believe much, but there was pressure”, said the President yesterday at the opening of the semi-industrial plant of potassium chloride in the Uyuni salt plains.


President’s remarks are irresponsible. Knowing all those disturbing elements, he should have enforced the Law and go ahead for a better deal for Bolivia. Of course, over the short run it was the best decision, politically, to get to the front pages with little effort and without displeasing no one. A government that reacts like that is like a father who would give excuses to his children for not providing appropriately. The people need results, our natural resources are supposed to bring better lives to all of us, rich, poor, Highlander, Lowlander, urban, rural… but this government tries to absolve its lack of capacity to manage our country with this explanation?

The cartoon above is from El Diario, August 10, 2012, a savings and loan coop, San Luis, has gone belly up and there is no money to repay those who trusted their savings; while the ASFI, Bolivian governmental entity designed to take care of these type of issues, is practically watching the other way and saying they do not have to intervene.

Both the Mutun and San Luis are clear examples of how a bad, irresponsible government we have… just lets not forget about this when there is the time for the 2014 election.