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Current Bolivian diplomacy through the humor lens

The following cartoons reflect how current Bolivian government mismanage our foreign affairs policy:

This is from El Diario, June 22, 2012:

We see the ruler of Venezuela, who has a great influence over our president, opening the Bolivian door to Iran’s president and the opposition flees…

I’d say not only opposition but anyone in the western civilization does not want to deal with such misogynist, terrorist practitioner and supporter.

When Bolivian president had the bright idea to embark in the same plane as Iran’s president en route to the Rio+20, the Brazilian president did not go an greet them. Bolivia fails to acknowledge that Brazil is within the six most powerful countries in the world. Current government aligns with countries who have little relevance to our economy or lifestyle.

This is from Los Tiempos, June 26, 2012:

person portraying current president: “you will excuse us Mr. Ambassador, we do not believe we need to hurry with any kind of safe-conduct. The more time he remains with you and the older he gets, he will need to remain in the asylum!” [referring to a nursing home]

dog: “yikes, everyday he surprises us the most!”

Senator Roger Pinto is more than 70 days inside the Brazilian Embassy, waiting for a safe-conduct, after suffering political persecution, which continues to be denied by current government. Nevertheless, the damage of our relationship with Brazil has the potential to hurt us economically with the best possible buyer of our products, just next to us, we do not need harbors nor need to plan to export to China or the USA, however, this government fails to recognize such competitive advantage. To date, Brazil has not acknowledged the appointment of the new Bolivian Ambassador. Drug trafficking and political asylum are serious impediments in our international relations with the best possible economic ally.

This is also from Los Tiempos, July 11, 2012:

headline: Minister considers Veja’s article as an attack to the government.

person: “I don’t understand Avernoy, who did he disqualifies? the Brazilian magazine or the Bolivian police intelligence?”

Avernoy: “lets see, lets read one more time!”

Veja has written an article using intel from Bolivian police. When that came public, there was a lot of noise and government officials not only attacked the Brazilian magazine with duress. The appointed Bolivian Ambassador to Brazil, threatened with suing the magazine and writer, made a lot of threats… time passes by and its like a fly on someone’s ear. Noisy but irrelevant…

This is from El Dia, July 20, 2012:

Roger Pinto clasping in a Brazilian tree while a pack of wolves are waiting for him below. “safe-conduct?” says one of them…

Senator Pinto receives constant threats, derogatory remarks from current government officials at all levels. Which only demonstrates the political style of this government and the respect it shows to diplomacy rule.


This is from La Prensa, August 9, 2012:

A boat showing all the paraphernalia of current Bolivian government’s style, going in the rescue of Syria president, immersed in red waters, for all the innocent people being killed as that Syria president clings on power.

“we are ‘from a culture of peace’ we support you, partner Bashar!”

Again, our country endorses the worst possible governments on earth! With rhetoric and overestimated non-existent grandeur, this country continues to be seen by our western civilization culture peers as a boat with no purpose, no route…

With all the doings of this government, do you believe we are regarded as a serious international partner? a country which merits to strengthen relations with?