In Bolivia: All is predetermined

Jose Gramunt de Moragas (Jesuit priest), a very well-known journalist in Bolivia, Director of ANF (one of the best and serious news agency that Bolivia has), writes in La Razon:

All is predetermined

Nine times the real natives of the TIPNIS wanted to reach an agreement with Mr. President

What with the mania of the average citizen to want to understand and, worse, say, about what makes and breaks the Government! But if between rulers and their perplexed governed do not understand themselves! Here some current examples.

The TIPNIS. Nine times the true authentic indigenous of that jungle wanted to reach an understanding with Mr. President. On the nine attempts, they were denied. And not by ill will of the indigenous ones, but by the tripping that was putting the Government. Brought and conducted consultation prior to post, ultra or posthumous involving 69 communities pulled out if the sleeve, it is a Baroque filigree of the new little doctors of Chuquisaca. It is useless to disagree because the fateful road will be built.

Other: YPFB, the Pearl of the Crown, well what a bad luck. Santos Ramírez, the intimate friend of the President, played him dirty. Thank goodness that is in jail. But the curse is still in YPFB. Two of its senior officials were caught with their hands in the mass and what mass of almost a billion dollars between the Rio Grande and Gran Chaco liquids separation plants! The two defendants are already in jail. Although it was unclear what role had the Acting President, Carlos Villegas.

Before the judges and prosecutors to clarify the matter, the President himself moved to redefine that Villegas is free of dust and straw. Personally, I choose the presumption of innocence and I will be happy that it could be proven. But if there were dirty games in the second echelon of command, explains that his President had a minor idea? If well enough the personal confidence of the first representative, what are the judges? Not to mention most of the matter; everything is predetermined.

The cable car [aerial tramway]. Was not done when it was its time and the bid on the work back then had a cost of 10 to 12 million dollars. [now] Without prior invitation to tender, the Government is now willing to pay $234 million dollars, over the processing of a credit for the “minutia” of the $100 million dollars provided to [public transport] drivers to scrap [their old] by new vehicles.

The Mutún. In the five years that the Jindal worked there were full-color comments. At the end, nor the Government knew how to run a business with a company that already came to Bolivia with the mistrust, from moderately knowledgeable citizens. The ineptitude of the Government and the cunning of Jindal ended up disenchanted all the naïve that relied on both. Because of the sticky subject, I am abstaining to comment anything about the ‘business deal” of the century, drug trafficking. I leave it to the free account of my kind readers. The London Olympics are unpredictable and entertaining. Thank God.

Very sad but needed analysis to understand where and how our country is being led to…

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