Current Bolivian gov bullies and the last elected Governor from the opposition that holds office

News like these continue to undermine our democracy and is a clear sign of the style and drive that rules the political party in power, lead by a majority of illegal coca growers. Los Tiempos and El Diario report:

Los Tiempos:

They ratify that Costas will not be suspended

The new President of the Constitution Commission of the departmental Legislative Assembly of Santa Cruz, Alcides Vargas, predicted yesterday that there shall not be a suspension of the Governor Ruben Costas, evenif they have to “go to jail” for that determination and for not giving effect to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Vargas made these assertions yesterday in reference to the legal action filed yesterday by the head of the movement to socialism party (MAS), Lucio Vedia, against the 14 Assembly members of the Green Group – led by Costas – and of the Frente Amplio, accusing them of breaching the provision of the public prosecutor’s Office not to vote for the suspension of the Santa Cruz Governor.

“We are going to act firmly, attached to the Constitution, the laws and our internal standards (…)” “none of the current Assembly members have received one vote for Governor, then we can not usurp functions, therefore, this Parliament must rather have to convert to the instance for the defense of democracy”, said Vargas to Erbol network.

On July 27, the departmental Legislative Assembly became the Constitutional Commission of the legislative instance to handle the indictment against Costas for the alleged embezzlement of Bs10 million in the realization of the autonomy referendum in 2008. The public prosecutor also requested the suspension of the departmental authority for this fact, according to the framework law of autonomies.

The Legislative Commission has 15 days to issue a report on the verification of constitutionality of the request for suspension.

Vargas, who assumed the chairmanship of the Committee on Constitution, in recent days said that the deadline begins with the receipt of the documentation submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office, for them to start the corresponding analysis.

Nevertheless, he anticipated that they shall respect the political Constitution of the State (which sets the suspension of elected authorities when there is a enforceable sentence); therefore, “Costas will not be suspended, even if they imprisoned me”.

He added that the legislature will defend the vote of Santa Cruz citizens and it will not matter if some prosecutors take prisoners to the assemblymen, who will go to jail proud to defend the Constitution and the democracy.

“The population can be assured that we are going to follow the laws, legitimacy, because we are not to betray the people, we owe it to the crucians [Santa Cruz people], who voted at the polls;” “then it doesn’t matter that they threaten us, we pursue, if they want us to put in jail, they could do so, but we are going to sign a report based on the laws”, he insisted.

Vedia argued that the 14 Assembly members who voted against the treatment in the full suspension of Costas must respond to justice for breach of duties. “We want to tell the people that the suspension of Costas is only a matter of days, it is a matter of time, we do not cover the Sun with a finger”, said the Assemblyman of the MAS.

Final hearing

Richard Cardozo, counsel for Governor Ruben Costas, announced that on Friday morning will submit a memorial of justification to the seventh Court of investigation in criminal matters of La Paz to prevent the final hearing for Wednesday, August 8 at the case of contempt against Costas established by Prosecutor Marcelo Soza.

Despite the fact that the Governor was not notified formally for the final hearing in La Paz, the lawyer pointed out that Costas’ assistance to the seat of Government is impossible, for having another final hearing in Santa Cruz, the same day, for the realization of the autonomy referendum, and which was notified in advance.

“Until Friday the Governor will send a memorial to La Paz requesting suspension of the hearing to prevent any surprise;” “in this type of processes what there are more, are the surprises”, said.

The sixth pre-trial judge in criminal court of Santa Cruz, Juan José Zubieta, confirmed the date and the time – August 8 at 9:00 – for the final hearing.

He said that the date was notified to 10 of the 26 charged for embezzlement of Bs10 million to the autonomy referendum.

El Diario reports:

MAS complaints against Assembly members for not having suspended Costas

Santa Cruz, La Paz, (ANF) – this Wednesday morning the head of the movement to Socialism (MAS) in the departmental Legislative Assembly appreciate, Lucio Vedia, started a criminal complaint in the departmental Court of Santa Cruz Justice against the “green” grouping caucusgoers, who are accused of failing the provision of the public prosecutor’s Office to suspend Governor Ruben Costas from office.

“We are putting this action to let the Green caucusgoers dilate the determination of Justice and suspension to Rubén Costas, while clarifying their legal status… we cannot be accomplices to the illegal, nor do we want to be penalized by article 144 of the Marcelo Quiroga Law”, Vedia said at press conference.

On July 27, the departmental Assembly of Santa Cruz decided at a session to send the formal accusation that weighs on the Governor of coasts, to the Committee on Constitution and Government for examination. This action fell nothing good to the base of the MAS, who when leaving the session announced a series of proceedings against the assemblymen who refused to suspend the departmental authority.

The indigenous base left the session and with 14 votes in favor and nine against, it was determined that there will be no suspension to the departmental authority. It is expected the Legislative Commission can analyze the two letters sent to the District Attorney and after 15 days decide the future of Costas.

I think it is unbelievable that current government party affiliates use all that rhetoric to go against opposition leaders, while they do not see similar type of expenditures on their side. Potosi Mayor is in jail for purchasing used vehicles, at a lower price, while current president instructs to buy helicopters, cable cars without proper bidding. And the wording used are “gifts” without coming from his own pocket but our taxes. Over the last seven years, we have witnessed how laws can be bent and manipulated when the government intends to erase any opposition. You want to hear the most frustrating case? there is still a majority of Bolivians giving support to current government! What do they think or how do they react like this, puzzles me and brings me to reality, the majority of our population are still unaware of their rights and duties, they are still easily manipulated, what a saddening burden to the rest of us!

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