The Bolivian coca-ine reality show

During the last six years, the coca/cocaine industry has permeated our society, has changed our pacific lifestyle and threatens to become our worst nightmare:

This is from El Diario, March 13, 2012:

A full airplane is trying to lift-off on its way to Austria, it has the label “austere coca grower entourage”

Current Bolivian president is first the president of the six federations of coca growers from Chapare. Remember that the coca grown in Yungas is the one that is chewed nationwide… so what is the use and the power behind the coca grown in the Chapare??? Where does it go to? What is its market? its purpose???!!!

This one appeared in El Dia, March 14, 2012.

A group of coca growers is chewing coca and spitting into the UN sign, while one person in a truck says: “In defense of the coca? they should be defending it [coca] from the narcs”

It is free market at its best, while current government has harsh opinions against capitalism, the coca-ine industry pushes its way into our economy, promoting violence, drug addiction and of course a very strong political arm to continue to push their business. It doesn’t matter who is in front of them, whether it is the TIPNIS indigenous people or the existence of a National Park, the electoral offer to expand the coca land pushes to set up shows like the chewing… and we know the coca from the Chapare is not chewed, not even by the inhabitants of the Chapare, and that is common knowledge!

This is from La Razon, March 15, 2012:

One of the people appointed to the Supreme Court, by current political party on power (MAS), has said that he consults his rulings/decisions over coca leafs… so our poor Justice is blinded by coca leafs…

When people all over Bolivia questioned that outrageous remark, source for jokes around the Globe, this person first retracted from his statement, then came back reaffirming it again and portraying himself as a ‘victim’ of racist and demeaning remarks!!! Nothing more than excuses to make into the news and just creating a cloud over more important issues. It is not racism to say that those remarks are plain stupid and ridiculous. Justice has to be made with facts, with evidence and according to Laws, not by the way some dried leafs fall onto the desk of that individual.

Finally, this one is from El Diario, March 16, 2012:

The sign reads “Pluri Constitutional Court” inside the infamous coca-reader-judge while one person is saying: “that is marvelous! what an advance! goof for the ‘MAS’! Now you don’t have to bring papers nor documents! Just bring a little bag of coca leafs and the judge Dr. G. Cusi will solve you any judicial problem…!

And that is our ordeal, the rest of the world is entering the 21st century at full speed, here we are being forced to go back in the dark ages… How could it be possible to administer justice by reading a bunch of dried-smelly leafs??!!

So, we are bombarded by current government officials with ridiculous statements, retractions and they go on and on… whatever happened to common sense???!!!

If any of you still have the naive thought that coca is not cocaine, I strongly suggest you visit Carlos Valverde‘s website, he interviewed Chemical Eng. Colanzi, look under the dates March 12 and 6.

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