Beautiful jewelry from Santa Cruz

It was with great surprise that I found this jewelry store: Andrea.

It has great designs and what is more important has an interesting website in English, so anyone of you out there could order fine Bolivian jewelry. The site is not updated as they do have a nice earrings and pendant with the Patuju, which is one of the most beautiful flowers (and national symbol) we have in the lowlands of our lovely Bolivia. The picture to the right represents two trees we have in Santa Cruz, I dare you to look into the website and find out who they are…

I also encourage you to visit their site, and remember that you can also place an order, and if you do, please write me with your experience, so more people can have access to these fine jewelry, to the left you will see a brief description of the most precious and unique to Bolivia jewel, the Bolivianita. Browse their site at the link below and enjoy!!

It is no common to find a good website that offers their products, and Andrea seems to have a good site, I just hope their delivery is also up to everyone’s expectations. Andrea certainly qualifies to The Bolivian Hall of Fame!!

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