Take your previsions if calling TO-FROM BOLIVIA

2014-08-21 10.06.08 amEl Dia reports about long distance phone calls to and from Bolivia, as year’s end is approaching plan your best options:

The telephone companies that offer long distance services in the country, are preparing to launch promotions and offers during end year’s festivities. They say demand for such international phone calls go up by as much as 50%. Three of those companies have confirmed such promotions: Bolitel Free (24), Dimensions (12) and VIVA (14).

El Dia continues by saying that the main countries where people make calls are Brazil, Argentina, USA and Spain, although Asia and Central America are also gaining momentum, coincide the three operators that were consulted. If you want to read the whole Spanish article, please use this link:


You should not forget there are other alternatives, you could use www.skype.com that I will do and most of the times is a good alternative and you:

1. only pay for the internet cost;

2. have to have a camera and a microphone if you want to talk and watch your loved ones. You just need to confirm before hand the time the two of you can be available (you can also just talk, not video more than two people at the same time: say you here, one in the USA and the other in Argentina);

3. need to take into account the time zone, differences in the hour from Bolivia to wherever you are calling;

4. If the other person CANNOT have access to a computer and has a phone, you can still call but will have to purchase time; skype accepts ten dollars that you can charge to your credit account; and it will charge you every time you call to a phone (direct line or mobile).

Well, hope this helps, enjoy!!

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