Mutun may not be only iron but gold and silver as well…

Last night Pagina Siete’s website reported about El Mutun, the largest iron concentration in the world, which is located near Puerto Suarez, border with Brazil. Currently an Indian Company, Jindal has been given the mining concession of half of El Mutun, there exists also a state company which is supposed to supervise ore concentrates exports until a foundry is built and steel could be made.

The Santa Cruz Governor Office has asked the Bolivian Government to provide technical information available to find out whether there are other ores existing in the giant deposit of iron in the Mutun, including gold and silver, said Hugo Soza, delegate of hydrocarbons and energy of the governorate of Santa Cruz. He also said that the Governor’s Office would like to make investments in exploration and verify if there are such minerals, so they could encourage further investments, he added.
Sometime ago, I heard about this possibility from Carlos Valverde’s radio program; I certainly hope this could be a reality as it would offer more wealth to boost the Bolivian economy.

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