Bolivian bird species in danger

Human presence is a threat to bird species, and sometimes leads to their gradual disappearance. An interesting but worrying article from La Prensa, the picture of a flying Paraba to the right, was taken by Freddy Grover  Choque.

From highlands, through valleys, and across lowlands, the territory is home to 1,400 species, of which 14 are endemic to the country and can only be seen in the undergrowth of the rainforest, on the plain of the hills and sparse vegetation of the Dry Valleys.

Species under threat. Isabel Gomez, a researcher of birds, gave a presentation on October 27, 2011 in commemoration of the month of birds in Bolivia, where she warned that out of the 1,400 species, 65 are threatened with extinction.

The main reasons, she explained, are the destruction of their habitat by human hunting and trafficking.  Some birds are considered pests in the crops of peasants who invaded the natural habitat of these birds, said Gomez.

She asserted that the same happens with the suri, which inhabits the Sajama National Park, the remolinera real is another bird that is at risk of disappearing, and spotted only 60 individuals of this species throughout the country.

Animals in danger

1 Blue Macaw (Paraba). Exists only in the Beni department of Bolivia, feeds on fruits and motacú. Their numbers declined due to habitat loss.

2 Andean condor, or Vultur gryphus, is considered the largest of American birds, is in danger of extinction throughout all areas where it has managed to survive.

3 suri is a specie in imminent danger of extinction, not so long ago its population was estimated at only 300, is in the Sajama National Park.

Loss of habitat

4 remolinera real, it is natural to South America. Lives in the Andes of southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia (La Paz). The species declined by habitat loss.

5 palkachupa, only live in the northern region of La Paz, is a victim of slush and burn agricultural practices; clearing of forest, place their lives at risk.

6 tilluche, the threats to the life of this bird are the degradation, fragmentation and destruction of habitat caused by human activities

Back in the late 1990’s there was an estimate that for a bird in a cage, being sold in Bolivian cities, 15 birds died, that was the average death rate when capturing birds.

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