Is Bolivia losing the war to drugs?

This cartoon appeared on July 18, 2011 in El Dia. The left side looks wonderful, a good-looking woman and a profitable clean agricultural business, you see coca leaves, bananas and the sun shinning. The police officer unfolds the “curtain” and inside there is all dark, the narcotraffick activity; you see bags of cocaine, a guy with a machine gun and a vehicle nearby.

 The following link’s title reads “Taken… Three towns live with narcotraffick” These towns are very close to the Chapare. Subtitle reports that over 200 cocaine ponds were discovered and according to neighbors “drug abounds” and that there are over two Colombians who have taught them to mount home labs and that they are armed. They also say that the Chore Reserve has clandestine airfields.

 The towns are San Germán, Nuevo Horizonte y Yapacaní, in the Santa Cruz department. A number of citizens from these towns expressed their concern to the reporters and told about how narcotraffick is growing. El Dia reporters had to leave the region, as they were followed by people in a car, showing their guns. One person said “here the problem is that the same narcotraffickers pay to the policemen so they can be told when they will launch their operations. That Friday, we all knew they were coming (police) and those people were armed, they were just waiting for (the police) to exert force to any of the settlers, so the killing would start. The factories (over 200) that were burned are nothing compared to the quantity inside (the Chore Reserve). Here people live from the drug”

 It is known that this week the police intend to go inside the Isiboro Sécure park, with the support of the armed forces.

 As of now, 12.5 tons of cocaine were seized this year. During 2010, 25 tons were captured in Bolivia, it is estimated this year’s will be higher.…-Tres-pueblos-conviven-con-el-narcotrafico&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=68637

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