Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

Only in America: Bolivian president attacking DEA and the USG

Today, current Bolivian president was in NY, attending meetings in the UN building. At a press conference he was vehemently attacking DEA and the USG actions and alleged policies regarding Bolivia. He must have his reasons or he is just playing politics. In any case it seemed something relevant to me. Not his speech but the setting. Only in America you can see detractors having the opportunity to attack freely the host country. How wonderful freedom of speech is! 

This month, we have seen opposite examples, take Ecuador’s three year imprisonment of a reporter and editorial personnel of an important newspaper; and forty million dollar in fines, just for expressions against that president.  Remember the soviet leader banging his shoe on the table, at the UN setting? 

It is quite a difference, right? Yes! Only in America.