Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Freedom of the Speech questioned & punished in Bolivia

This cartoon appeared in El Dia newspaper on July 20, 2011. The DVD is broken while Romero is taken and dragged by two policemen (you can see the new flag on their right arms). In the upper right corner, you can read “Forbidden, presidential films that are non-flattering” 

Opinion newspaper reports the ministry of the government Sacha Llorenti about Richard Marcelo Romero being arrested when Romero was selling DVDs labeled as “Syndical Dictatorship” in La Paz. Minister said Romero was defaming current president. DVD has interviews that refer to how powerful the unions were and at times they functioned as dictatorships. Video made reference as far back as the 90s when coca growers’ unions in the Chapare fined some of their members for not agreeing with their leaders’ decision. Government officials accuse Romero for attacking the moral integrity of this president. The DA in La Paz is prosecuting Romero, who is now under arrest. 


Many opinion leaders are questioning the arrest as the DVD only reproduced old interviews that appeared in Bolivia media. In any case, it is worth noting that this government enforces the law drastically when they choose to do so. Following the reasoning of this government, and if things were to deteriorate more, people like me could also be in danger of prosecution; in my case for translating these type of events. In the case of Romero, he is arrested and prosecuted for putting together a series of news, while trying to make up a living by selling his production.