Daily Archives: July 18, 2011

TIPNIS, El Chore: does it make any sense?

Cinthia Silva, vice-minister of environment for the Bolivian government is reported to say they will not start any environmental assessment for the road that will cut the TIPNIS, unless the indigenous groups engage in an agreement… does this make any sense???

The government should do ALL environmental assessments! PERIOD!!

Why do we have to see social unrest, struggle without having all the assessments needed? Let us suppose the assessment will be negative, then, the road should not be built; and the issue and conflict will stop right there.


Suffice to say that this road should not go inside the TIPNIS: coca growers, narcotrafficking and illegal settlers that will cut down the forest like is happening in El Chore (affected by 80%). The following article has a lot of info and maps, like the graph shown here about deforestation (fires in red) for El Chore.