Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Cidob will meet about TIPNIS

Cidob is the Confederation of Indigenous people from the Orient (Eastern) part of Bolivia. They will meet in Trinidad from July 20 to 22; to assess the Tipnis/road issue and decide who to support. The indigenous groups intend to march around August 2nd which was the celebration date for indian people, back when Bolivia was a Republic.

The coca growers association of the Chapare region, where our current president is still its president, is starting to put up pressure for the road to be built. In flagrant confrontation with the people who live in the Tipnis protected area. Current political party in government was born out of these coca growers’ groups.


Congress woman Lavive Yañez (CN), who represents Beni, stated that the government is sending mixed signals which will do more harm than good. She stated “The government took off their indigenous mask and revealed his truly coca face”. For this opposition congress woman, while this president’s administration talks about un-colonizing , “there exists at the same time a strong internal colonialism from groups from  the high lands towards those in the low lands”.


Current government fears too much to be internationally exposed to criticism if an indigenous march were to take place. So, it tries to show an “amicable” face  and only accuses NGOs as the source of the conflict. Indigenous groups have already demanded these accusations will have to be proven. At the same time, the not-so-long-ago allies of this government, the indigenous groups from the lowlands are in the crossroad to continue or not their support to current political party in power.

On the other hand, the strong federation of coca growers from Chapare pushes back hard, as it is the operating hand along with the social movements controlled by this political party which aims at having total control and political-economical power in Bolivia. Thus unnecessary conflict emerges between Bolivians.

In the meantime, the elections for the judicial sector is still underway, with candidates pre-selected by the political party in the government. The Bolivian society reply that is growing little by little is to vote null, void their votes as a rejection to this not-so-clear election.