TIPNIS evolving crisis

The following article (today in El Deber) made by Julio Cesar Caballero provides useful information regarding TIPNIS. The article starts with a comment that if this road would have been located in the highlands, the project would have never even reached the paper. That is an appreciation of how current government makes different decisions on similar issues in different regions of the country. According to the sources of this article, some 100 mammal species, 470 bird species, 39 reptile species, 54 amphibious species and over 200 fish species would be in danger. Then, questions how a government self-appointed as protector of Mother Nature and have awarded special rights to indigenous groups in the Constitution, insists on building this road without taking into consideration environmental studies and evaluating other alternatives available.


Los Tiempos reports that  indigenous groups have rejected a government’s invitation to dialogue, scheduled for July 6-7. However, they stated that a march is scheduled for August 2nd (day which used to commemorate Indian/Campesino Day), “…whether … president likes it or not…” stated Adolfo Moye, President for the TIPNIS Sub-Central. He mentioned that the only way to stop this mobilization would be if they stop the road construction and change the original route.


This cartoon appeared today June 5, 2011 in El Dia newspaper. A bulldozer appears on top of the forest, it has a sign in Portuguese: “road to coca” (in direct reference to a remark made by former Brazilian presidential candidate Serra), this road has Brazilian funding (credit). Below, you can see Mother Nature with her mouth closed by a sign that reads “opposition”, as was labeled by current government.

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