5 days after the one year anniversary of the pandemic, Bolivia accumulates 253,297 positive cases

Five days away from the one year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic, Bolivia accumulates 253,297 infected and 11,789 deaths because of this disease, according to the data update of the Ministry of Health, issued this Friday night.

The report indicates that 937 new positives and 28 deaths were registered on this day. Santa Cruz, with 298 confirmed, it is the most affected department, followed by La Paz (255), Tarija (113), Cochabamba (77), Oruro (74), Potosí (52), Chuquisaca (50), Beni (10) and Pando (8).

The encouraging figure for this day is that of recovered cases which is 1,026, making a total of 196,731 people who won the battle against Covid-19. There are currently 44,777 active cases and 2,654 suspects.

Bolivia registered the first two cases of covid-19 on March 10, 2020. They were two women, one from the Santa Cruz municipality of San Carlos and the other from Oruro. Both came from Italy.

Bolivia is the seventh country in South America hardest hit by the coronavirus.

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19, originating in the Chinese province of Wuhan, a pandemic.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The above cartoon from Abecor, clearly illustrates the negative attitude and inaction of Arce’s government. The masista ochlocracy has failing big time. This government decided to issue a norm that prohibits the health sector to congregate, to march in order to protect their affiliates, and also opens the door to hire back the Cuban “doctors” that are political operatives more than anything else. Like the coca grower caudillo, Arce is delusional and only concerned to consolidate an authoritarian government in Bolivia,

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