WFP Bolivia Country Brief, April 2020

Relief web reports:

In Numbers

USD 11.7 m total requirements

USD 2.4 m six months net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• In the context of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, on 23 March the Bolivian Government decided to decree a total national lockdown and complete closure of borders. During April, all Bolivia CO staff were working from home, and all missions not related to the emergency were suspended.

• On 4 April, WFP provided food rations for 480 people in the Pisiga “quarantine isolation centre” in coordination with the Ministry of Defence and IOM. Beneficiaries were Bolivians returnees into the country.

• In April 2020, WFP started the assistance to 1,000 vulnerable people with chronic, heritable and noncommunicable diseases in La Paz and El Alto through electronic vouchers for the purchase of food and essential goods in selected supermarkets. Because of the lockdown measures and the mainly informal economy, these people were not able to generate income, and, as a consequence, food support to complement their medical treatments was needed. Supply Chain Unit has been monitoring and ensuring an expedite redemption process for this CBT intervention.

• Because of the lockdown measures, WFP activities to support Municipal School Feeding Programmes financed by the Repsol Foundation were suspended. Nevertheless, to ensure that 5,000 girls and boys will receive the food planned, WFP coordinated with Repsol Foundation the implementation of Take-Home rations.

• Because of the lockdown measures and the COVID-19 pandemic, WFP Bolivia postponed the implementation of the “Double Burden Study” with ECLAC and RBP until the context allows to resume the evaluation of this activity. The study performance was initially planned to start in the begin in June.

• WFP Bolivia continues supporting the Ministry of Health with a communication campaign in alliance with UN Global Pact and with a national TV show (PICA), diffusing nutritional messages to affront quarantine and COVID-19.

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