Three former Bolivian directors arrested in Mexico, Belize plane drug trafficking ring

Riviera Maya News reports:

Three former Bolivian directors arrested in Mexico, Belize plane drug trafficking ring

Bolivia — With the arrest of three officials, a whole network of drug traffickers has been discovered in high-ranking positions in Bolivia.

Former directors of high ranking positions include that of the Administración de Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares a la Navegación Aérea (AASANA) of the Guayaramerín Airport in Bolivia. The three arrested men have been accused of controlled substance trafficking, criminal association and conspiracy.

Those arrested have been named as Peter Nasser, Clemente Martínez and Antonio Araujo, all of whom are in Palmasola prison. They include two former directors of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and one former director from the Special Force for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking of Bolivia.

During their network investigation, authorities report the seizure of two planes as well as various documents in which names and data of possible accomplices appear.

Their arrests follow the seizure of a plane that landed in Mahahual (Mexico) in January of this year.

During that raid, two pilots were taken into Mexican military custody. The two pilots arrested were identified as Bolivian nationals Aldo López Matienzo and Miguel Ángel Blazquez Vallejos. Bolivian authorities say their investigations continue since they suspect there are additional people linked to the drug trafficking network.

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