Young criticizes a masista public servant for politicizing education

El Diario reports:

A high school female student yesterday questioned the departmental assembly member of MAS, Fabiola Almanza [photo], for politicizing education by suggesting that everyone can be with President Evo Morales and for wanting all young people to be “masistas.”

Other students rejected that official authorities campaign to support the MAS and seek to “brainwash” them with socialist ideology.

The questioning of the student is observed in a video that circulates in social networks and the same is done while the legislator explained the scope of a bill for young people in an expanded meeting of the Federation of High School Students (FES), in the auditorium of the Ministry of Education.

“Miss Assemblywoman, I want to tell you something (…) I would like to know why you are politicizing education, coming to say that we are going to be with Evo, why do you want all young people to be masistas?,” the young woman asked the official while her colleagues cheered and applauded her interpellation.

However, in the images it is observed that the master of ceremony of the meeting interrupts her and tries to change the subject.

Given this, the student questions him for the interruption and asks him to let her exercise her right to freedom of expression. For this reason, Almanza requested that they let her speak and the man invites the young woman to take the stage and she does it together with her classmate.

In a second video, the young woman is seen questioning the legislator and questioning her again for politicizing education because not everyone shares the same ideology. She also protested that a meeting of the FES be held in that state portfolio when the debate should be made in the streets or in a school.

Another student rejected that the authorities related to MAS seek to “brainwash them.” Meanwhile, the students shouted: “Down with the masistas!”

Another student rejected that the authorities seek to socialize the “socialist ideology” because most of the students present already have or will turn 18 and can already participate in the electoral elections of October of this year. (El Diario and ANF)

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