Bolivian meat opens potential markets

El Diario reports:

OIE General Assembly

The General Assembly of the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health, for its acronym in English), held in Paris (France), was the scenario to open potential markets and countries’ interest in receiving advice from Bolivia, as it was possible to position the Bolivian Natural Beef brand.

The tasting of the Bolivian meat during the session of the General Assembly of the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health, for its acronym in English) held in Paris (France), was able to position the brand Bolivian Natural Beef, before the 182 participating countries .

The members of the OIE were delighted with its taste and quality. This was well received by the Agricultural Chamber of the East (CAO), the national government and the rest of the Bolivian delegation that participated in the meeting.

The national director of the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (Senasag), Javier Suárez, stressed that this joint initiative between the national government, productive institutions such as the CAO, the National Confederation of Agriculture of Bolivia (Confeagro), the Federation of Cattlemen of Santa Cruz (Fegasacruz) and the private refrigerators, managed to open prospects of new export markets, mainly with Asian countries such as Myamar, Hong Kong (China) and South Korea.

The delegations approached the national delegation to show their interest in the importation of beef, chicken and pork protein and in genetic quality, an aspect that positioned Bolivia as a very important livestock producer in technological advances on an international scale.

In the case of Myamar, the representatives of the Asian Government requested a meeting in search of cooperation on the part of Bolivia, both in the health field and the mechanisms in the genetic advances.

On the other hand, until May 30, several meetings have been held with a view to opening export markets, between Russia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The authority emphasized South Korea, a country that was quite interested in Bolivian meat and has called for an acceleration in risk analysis to open this Korean market, very important worldwide due to its purchasing power.

Negotiations were also held with the delegation of Hong Kong (China), with which a visit was scheduled in February 2020 to enable the refrigeration establishments in Bolivia in the three meat products that are bovine, porcine and chicken meat. With Russia are waiting for the results to start exports.

On the other hand, the president of the CAO, Reinaldo Díaz, considered that the most important thing in the participation in the OIE assembly was the meeting held with Interbev, a French association that integrates the entire meat production chain, between producers wholesalers, refrigerators, restaurants and supermarkets.

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