Bolivia closed 2018 with high debt and low reserves

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Let’s not forget that we will have to send gas to Brazil, without, repeat, without receiving money for it … as with the “take or pay” clause under that contract we received payment for gas not delivered yet … so, as you can see, the despicable ochlocracy of evo is leaving our country in a dangerous economic peril!

El Diario reports:

Both the economist Gonzalo Chávez and the analysts José Gabriel Espinoza and Julio Alvarado agreed, separately, to point out that the withdrawal of funds from the BCB Government affected the level of reserves.

Bolivia closed 2018 with close to US $10 billion dollars of external debt disbursed and with lower International Reserves, less than US $9 billion dollars, according to information on the website of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB)

Until November 30 of this year [2018], the BCB increased the debt to $9,944.9 million dollars, an increase of $516.9 million in relation to that registered in December 2017, equivalent to 5.5%, according to the BCB.

The issuing agency reported that the Net International Reserves (NIR) reached December 20, $8,608 million dollars. 2014 reached a maximum of $15,123 million, and during the last four years the cumulative loss amounted to around $6,515 million dollars.

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