Where is Puerto Busch? the door to expand foreign trade by the Atlantic

El Deber reports:

It is in the Germán Busch province and requires a heavy investment to be a real alternative to Chilean ports.

Puerto Busch is currently a small pier located in the Foianini Triangle, next to the Paraguay River, in the Germán Busch province. The national government and private entrepreneurs seek to boost their development to expand Bolivian foreign trade through the Atlantic Ocean.

The only form of access to Puerto Busch is a base layer road, unpaved, which remains flooded around this time. The project to develop a modern port is feasible, but not immediately. This is because a road with a modern network of pipelines must be enabled because it is located in a wetland, according to experts working in other ports on the Tamengo canal.

  • The dream of Puerto Busch requires about four years to materialize

Currently, the pier is used to export ore from Mutún, by the company ESM. But shipments stop when the route is flooded and the product moves to Puerto Aguirre.


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