Foresters fear the suffocation of the sector because of the second Christmas bonus

Alvaro Rosales reports for El Deber:


In the last 6 years more than 3000 production units have been closed between micro, small, medium and large, more than 25,000 workers have been fired, they fear that the situation will worsen

The forestry industry works within the framework of sustainability and its actors see a gray climate by the state decree

It is not a mere speech. With the numbers on the table, the president of the Chamber of Forestry of Bolivia (CFB), Diego Justiniano, explained that the payment of the second Christmas bonus is a contribution to deepen the sectoral crisis, since previous experiences show that it ends up generating more damage than benefits in the short and medium term. He assured that the effect is disastrous.

“We have shown that in the last six years more than 3,000 productive units have been closed between micro, small, medium and large, more than 25,000 workers have been laid off,” the executive said.

Justiniano added that, like many sectors of the Bolivian economy, the forester has been facing a very complex crisis for six years and this 2018, thanks to the efforts and search of external markets, is trying to reactivate the forest economy of all the actors, that is, indigenous, peasants, small, medium and large companies.

To all this, will they pay the second Christmas bonus? The leader maintained that, although it is within the framework of a supreme decree, it would be very difficult, if not impossible. “I am sure that this measure will precipitate the closure of many other companies with the consequent dismissal of personnel, which is what worries us most,” he lamented.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Long gone are the days when in Bolivia we had sustainable forestry management. When we were among the two countries in the world with more hectares of natural forest managed sustainably …

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