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Pomani, center of Bolivian sport climbing

Pagina Siete reports:

A tourist practices the scaling in the Pomani mountains. Photo: Facebook BLOQUEando

The consolidation of Pomani as the center of Bolivian sport climbing and the mainstay of Ayo Ayo’s community tourism is the objective of the BLOQUEando 2018 Festival, which will take place from October 26 to 28. For three days, participants will have the challenge of climbing the more than 100 meters of the largest rock in the region.

The festival, held by the collective BLOQUEando [BLOCKing], was awarded as the best Climbing Festival of the Region by the International Union of Alpinists Associated (UIAA). “The award came to almost three weeks of the twelfth version of the festival,” says the newsletter of the collective.

Pomani is the heart of the Mururata that, according to legend, was torn and thrown during a fight he had with the Illimani. This is what the inhabitants of the community settled on the foothills of the rock formation tell.

The only thing necessary is to register the desire to be part of something new and be responsible with the environment. “We have been in this activity for 11 years. Since last year we are already climbing large walls,” said Daniel Aramayo, of the collective.

Registrations are open until tomorrow [10/23/2018]. Those interested will find information on the Facebook page BLOQUEando [BLOCKing].