The Hague defines procedures for their ruling on the Silala

El Diario reports:

Meeting with CIJ

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) of The Hague will meet today with the agents of Bolivia, Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé, and of Chile, Claudio Grossman, with the purpose of defining the procedure of the trial that the neighboring country interposed by the waters of the Silala and the counterclaim presented by our country on the same subject

Days ago, Bolivian agent Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé reported that Bolivia and Chile will meet again at the ICJ in The Hague this October 17 for the Silala case.

“On October 17 of this month there will be a meeting convened by the Court,” said the national representative, according to a statement from the Bolivian Foreign Ministry.

The case called “The dispute over the status and use of Silala waters” is the second process facing Bolivia and Chile in the International Court.

Rodríguez Veltzé indicated that he still does not know the issues that will be discussed at the meeting, although it is expected that the meeting will serve to agree on the following procedural steps.

The process of the Chilean claim is in the phase of the allegations. In June 2016, Chile filed a lawsuit against Bolivia for the waters of the Silala to be declared as part of an international river, while Bolivia maintains that these are springs that pass to the Chilean side through artificial canals.

For this reason, the State filed a counterclaim. President Morales said at the end of August that the “countermemory is based on studies that include geological, geophysical, hydraulic, hydrological, hydrochemical and environmental investigations that confirm that the considerable flow of Silala waters flows artificially to Chile through canals made in the Last century”.

After the ruling issued by the ICJ in the maritime lawsuit, which was negative for Bolivia, several criticisms surfaced of the Bolivian government’s handling of the five-year judicial process. One of the conclusions: If the ruling went negative to Bolivia is that the approach of the legal team of national and international lawyers was wrong.

Therefore, they requested that adjustments be made in the national and international legal team, to address Chile’s demand for the Silala waters that also reside in the International Court of Justice.

“It is evident and the international team of lawyers must have been good, but not good enough to convince the Court that our arguments were solid, the result is more than enough that the equipment you had is not adequate,” said the lawyer. Congressman Wilson Santamaria.

Proposal with which shares the constitutionalist Williams Bascopé said that the authorities should rebuild their international relations “review their team of international and national lawyers, because immediately they are defending the Silala.”

But that is not all, Santamaría proposed an evaluation of the demand and counterclaim of Silala. “We have to evaluate the other controversy, if that is how the issue of the sea has been, in which we have been as successful as the Silala issue will be, the Government needs to rethink the issue,” he said.

Chile sued Bolivia for the waters of the Silala, the neighboring country maintains that being a “river” its use can not be exclusive of Bolivia, the country on the contrary raises that they are springs that are born in national territory.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: If Chile hadn’t invaded Bolivia and Peru in 1879, we wouldn’t be involved in this absurd trial. Only that invasion gave Chile the “access” to the Silala. Chile’s main source of revenues come from the copper mines at Atacama, who was Bolivian. There cannot be something else more despicable that a bully as a neighbor!

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