Lawsuit at the International Rights of Nature Tribunal against the Bolivian Government!

World Highways report:

Bolivia road project in dispute

There is strong resistance mounting in Bolivia against the construction of a road link through the country’s TIPNIS national park, a conservation area. The new road is intended to improve transport connections between Villa Tunari and San Ignacio de Moxos. However the project has been the focus for protests and environmental concerns for some time as indigenous groups in the area have objected to the plans. The objectors intend to travel to Bonn in Germany, where they will present a lawsuit at the International Rights of Nature Tribunal against the Bolivian Government. Leaders of the Bolivian indigenous groups will attend the 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This will be held in Bonn between 6th and 17th November 2017.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The world is beginning to understand that the so-called defender of Mother Nature and Indigenous “leader” is nothing but a phony demagogue!

evo has always proclaimed he is the leader of the coca growers of the Chapare first and then president of Bolivia … that is where his loyalties remain. So, he relentlessly pushes for the TIPNIS road, so that the coca crop plantations have more space to grow … and that produce goes to cocaine production … that is his legacy.

TIPNIS indigenous march was forcefully put to stop at Chaparina and the world saw videos of police aggression to elder, children and women … his lame excuse to unite Cochabamba with Beni does not acknowledge that it would be much cheaper and would link indigenous communities with an alternate road. Instead of cutting this National Park and Indigenous Land in half …

Current Bolivian government claims it will be a cheap road, but as demagogue as they are, they fail to internalize the externalities and therefore this road is NOT viable.

Bolivia is considered a mega diverse country and holds rich biodiversity, Bolivia and the world does NOT need this road!

This cartoon is from Pagina Siete, 2011: coca is cutting down the TIPNIS ecosystem …

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