Huari launches series of Bolivia microdocumentals on National Geographic

Pagina Siete reports:

Huari launches series of Bolivia microdocumentals on National Geographic

The microdocumentals will be visible from this Monday [08/01/2017] at 21:00 on National Geographic.

From next Monday at 9:00 pm, the Huari beer brand will broadcast a microdocumental on the international channel of National Geographic every week that will show the world the art, history and culture of Bolivia.

“Huari seeks through this proposal that the world discover the purity of our origin, revalorice our own, which makes us different as culture.For this we developed these capsules that show our ingredients, trades and legends from the view of National Geographic “Huari’s manager Cecilia Torres said in a statement.

The first capsule of the series called “Origins Huari”, tells one of the most famous legends of the Andean region, the hard battle between Tunupa and Azanaque, the story of a love separated by adversities and survived time.

Microdocumentals will revalue the work of Bolivian weavers, artisans and producers, as well as products such as royal quinoa, honey, high altitude coffee and the advances of Bolivian gastronomy in recent years.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is a truly remarkable initiative by Huari a brand of CBN, by far the best beer in the continent!

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