Bolivia lags behind attracting investments

El Diario reports:

Bolivia to the tail in attraction of investments

Former Mining Minister Dionisio Garzón said Bolivia lags behind in investments, while Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina have attractive rules to attract foreign capital, and seek to develop their sector.

He regretted that the Government does not have attractive projects, while Ecuador is in the process of launching “Fruit of the North”, Colombia goes along the same line, seeks its development, while Bolivia, despite its potential, can not advance in this matter.

While the countries of the region are pushing for exploration and exploitation projects, Bolivia does not have a clear and significant project to attract investment, like the neighboring nations, reflected the exhaustion of mining in contact with EL DIARIO.


He said that it is important to define the future of Comibol, since although it did not develop new projects, it has in its portfolio some that come from some years that were not developed by diverse circumstances, like Mallku Kota and Pulacayo, among others, in the decade of the 90’s.

The mining standard is not attractive for investments, and there are no incentives for entrepreneurs; “That is why the authorities must do everything possible to improve the law,” he warned.


As an example, he said that in the case of lithium, Chile and Argentina lead the way, while Bolivia lags behind, which is why private incentives and investments are required to develop the project.

In the meantime, both countries have already begun to dominate the international market for electric cars, followed by Australia, which is also in the same direction, and Bolivia seems to miss the opportunity due to lack of adequate legislation and decisions.

We should not forget that all the inability to attract investments and be non competitive lays under the responsibility of the sorry petty government of the coca grower caudillo.

If Bolivia would control and stop the road blockades that for any reason pop up nationwide, it would be the first serious signal to invest, however to cast this to the manipulator of those blockades would be like asking a nazi to embrace jewish religion.

If this government would restore meritocracy, rebuild institutionalization we may have a chance to start forgetting what happened to Jacob Ostreicher and other investors who lost everything due to the populist demagogue anarchy that sprouted under this government.

Once this sorry excuse of a government starts controlling smuggling and narcotrafficking, then some investors would be willing to trust back Bolivia.

So, as you can see there is more than what former minister so naively said above …

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