While Bolivian gov misuses money with boondoggles, there are clear health unresolved needs and aid comes along!

Rachael Espaillat reports for Your4State:

Local dentist goes to Bolivia to provide dental care

For some patients it was their first time seeing a dentist

Hagerstown, MD – A local dentist traveled nearly 4 thousand miles to give quality dental care to those in need.

Dentist Reza Keshmiri, a dentist at Kool Smiles in Hagerstown, went to Bolivia with the choice humanitarian. During his trip, he and a crew of about 25 were able to serve nearly 500 people of all ages with fillings, cleanings and other procedures in a classroom like setting.

“You have to see the people. You have to see how they’re living and that makes our responsibility more,” Dr. Keshmiri said.

Dr. Keshmiri had simple equipment like this tray while on his trip to Bolivia but there were still a lot of equipment in a doctors office that he wish they could take.

“They needed a lot of work. But they didn’t have all the equipment to offer all treatments. For example most of them needed root canals but we didn’t have the equipment or the time,” Keshmiri said.

With some families walking for 3 hours and then waiting another 8 hours to receive care. When reflecting on the services her provided, he says their reactions will stay with him forever.

“If you can smile and cry at the same time that’s the moment you won’t forget in your whole life. And I’m so happy i experienced this moment. And I won’t forget the moment the woman hugged me, cried and smiled at the same time,” Dr. Keshmiri said.

Over all, Dr. Keshmiri says his trip was a life changing experience.

He says he wants to make another trip and hopes to be more prepared with more equipment.

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