UMSA professor wins award in Spain: Karina Medinaceli Díaz

Pagina Siete gives us great news!

UMSA professor wins award in Spain

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-9-44-44-amKarina Medinaceli Díaz, Professor of Law at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, obtained the Ibero-American Data Protection Prize for her PhD thesis at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has given the result of the 2016 Data Protection Awards, which this year reach its twentieth edition. These awards recognize the work that further promotes knowledge and research of the fundamental right to data protection.

Out of a total of 42 entries submitted in different categories, the jury composed of the Advisory Council of the AEPD has awarded the prize in the research modality on original and unpublished works dealing with data protection in Latin American countries to Medinaceli Díaz for her work entitled: “The treatment of health data in electronic medical records, Bolivian case”.

Medinaceli is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She also completed a PhD in Computer Engineering at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain, where she was in the Information Society and Knowledge program.

Medinaceli’s research work comprises three main axes: the treatment of personal data in the health field, electronic medical history and information security, also covered topics such as the structure of the health system in Bolivia.

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