Chile channeled the Silala for about 20 years, even without authorization

La Razon reports via

Chile channeled the Silala for about 20 years, even without authorization


Bolivia has studies underwritten by Chile that show that the country has channeled the Silala for about 20 years, of which a part was developed even before the concession process of 1908. The country does not rule out including the evidence in the litigation brought before the Court International Court of Justice (ICJ) for Chile last year.

“There are studies, and it is not a Bolivian source, it is a source of Chile itself that will surely be part of our demand that these channels were made before the concession,” said the Secretary General of the Strategic Direction of the Springs of the Silala and all water resources on the border with Chile, René Martínez, to the state media.

Bolivia authorized the use of the resource from a document entered at 13.00 on September 23, 1908 in folio 48/1908 and entitled “Deed of concession and consequently adjudication of the use of the waters that form springs, called ‘Siloli’ (Sic), existing in the understanding of the vice-canton Quetena of the Province Sud Lipez in favor of the anglochilean “The Antofagasta (Chili) (sic) Railway Company Limited” for the use of its locomotives.

The governor of Potosí, Juan Carlos Cejas, stated that this document was recorded in the Royal Law of that department “on November 3” of that year, which “constitutes a proof” that Chile “recognizes that the waters belong to Bolivia” .

Martínez also revealed that the engineering works sponsored by Santiago were carried out “before, during and after” of this process and that “for almost two decades works were done in that territory that is unquestionably of the Bolivian State,” reports La Razón this Monday [01/16/2017] In its printed edition.

The Chilean agent for the case, Ximena Fuentes, had recently admitted that her country channeled the waters to avoid contamination.

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